11. juni 2014

Nose piercing?

Har overvejet, om man mon skulle gå med på næserings-trenden, der kører i øjeblikket. Jeg tror dog, at det bliver ved den falske version. Men fedt ser det ud :)

I really like the nose piercing trend going on at the moment. Though I think I will go with the fake ring. But I do like the look :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Love the look of your nose ring too. The hoop and pearl stud earrings are very ingénue.

    A small diamond nose stud is very feminine. I would make your face look ethereal and mystical. Think you should go ahead and have it pierced with a stud and you can always change to a nose ring when you want to be fashion forward.

    I love mine and get lots of compliments on it almost day.. It is a great conversation starter many women in the 40's secretly wish they had their nose pierced.

    Go for it.


    1. Thank you for your long reply! It's always good to get some advice. I get more and more tempted ;)

  2. Like you, I thought about having my nose pierced for some time, However, the "tipping point" for me was to think a nose piercing for an accessory for the face much like earrings to the ears. Once I realized that, I was ready to pursue my desire and dream.

    You can dress your nose piercing up with a elegant small diamond stud, pearl stud earrings, tight black pencil skirt, pointy toe pumps and look professional like you work in a office. Alternatively, if you want to look a bit edgy, go with a nose ring. jeans, sandals or tennis shoes to look casual, but sophisticated and artsy.

    Follow your nose intuition. As you said, "... I get more and more tempted ;)" No apologies necessary. Its time for your nose to have some sparkle.